Summer 2007 Season
Sidepots and High-end Rollers!  

Shatto Elks are a group of long time bowlers and through their commitment and aspirations to become the best at the game, they keep coming back for more! These boys and girls are experienced and wild, so if you think you got what it takes to beat the hungry sharks of bowling, come on down and win some super sidepots. Every Tuesdays starting at 6:15 pm for some practice and then some serious bowling.

Currently Sanctioned with 80 bowlers this summer, but you can come and sign-up for winter 2007! We still have room and expect 24 lanes, but we might hit 28 lanes this winter 2007. Fees this summer 2007 is $19 per week.

Break sweet, because the house takes only $8.50. I'll post a link to the $30,000.00 payout last winter with only 80 bowlers. Can you beat that? Probably never!